Höllgrotten Baar

The Enchanted Castle is one of many fascinating grottos at the Höllgrotten Caves in Baar.
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Come and explore the unique dripstone caverns in the Lorze ravine at Baar! The fairytale rock formations are a delight for young and old – you can show your grandchildren the enchanting variety of shapes and colours in the caves or join your godchildren on a magical adventure with Tüüfeli, the cave spirit. A perfect destination for families, schools, hikers and clubs.


Even if you have visited the Höllgrotten caves many times before, you will hardly recognise them now; the layout of this natural monument was completely overhauled in the winter of 2011/12.


The 6,000-year-old Höllgrotten caves are showing themselves in a whole new light for 2012’s summer season: the cave walk runs from top to bottom, making it less physically demanding for visitors and revealing a previously unseen side to the grottos. Thanks to cutting-edge LED lighting, visitors can explore the full array of shapes and colours in these natural rock formations for the first time. You’ll be amazed! Visitor orientation and info panels have been revamped a new look and the audioguide, which is perfect for children, allows you to listen in on Tüüfeli, the mischievous cave spirit, telling a family just how the caves came to be formed.

Free audioguide (in Swiss German)

A dramatised performance full of surprises will tell cave explorers and grotto fans great and small everything they need to know about the Höllgrotten caves, including a few secrets known only to Tüüfeli... The audioguide app is a free download for smartphones and iPods. Download

Fairytales and fables in the Höllgrotten caves

Experience the enchanting atmosphere of a world of myth and legend – you’ll find more information here.


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